Gliding along while at one with the wintry silence that gently absorbs every sound and movement, the breathing and heartbeat find their own rhythm, while body and soul adopt regular, ever-gentler movements through the seemingly endless expanse of the sunny Seiser Alm. The Dolomites are all around, their imposing silhouettes as if inspiring you with yet more strength and endurance, while the gently undulating landscape is an invitation to relaxation and pleasure.

With its 80-km network of cross-country ski trails, the Seiser Alm is one of the most attractive areas in the Dolomiti Nordicski carousel. The ski trails have double or quadruple tracks and are always groomed to perfection. There is a 2-km trail for beginners to practise on, while professionals and top-class skiers can enjoy the Jochloipe trail over the passes.
The trail network starts just ten minutes away from the hotel. Because of its excellent location for altitude training, the Seiser Alm is a popular place for international cross-country skiing teams to train.
Use of the trails requires payment of a weekly fee: tickets are available at the hotel reception.