How we take care of your safety

Access to the swimming pool, saunas and restaurant is allowed with a green pass

Pre-registration and early check-in
To reduce crowding in the reception area, we kindly ask you to pre-register before your arrival. When you check in, we will measure your temperature and that of all the in-house guests.

You must show your green pass to access the restaurant. A mask must be worn at the buffet. Families and people sharing the same room are not required to wear a mask at the table. The necessary distance between tables is guaranteed (1.5 metres or 1m back to back). Our service staff are provided with appropriate safety equipment.
Spa, swimming pool, massages and treatments
To access the swimming pool and saunas, you must show a green pass.
You can access the spa area for your massages and beauty treatments to your liking. Our staff are provided with appropriate safety equipment.

Hygiene and safety
We have distributed numerous disinfection devices throughout the house to maintain high levels of hygiene. Disposable masks and gloves are also available. However, do mind the 1.5 metre distance rule between people who do not share a room. If distance happens to be less, you ought to wear a mask. Cleaning in the hotel is carried out according to the HACCP standard and all Touch-Points are disinfected 5 times a day.

Our trained staff disinfect each room before the arrival of new guests and observe all safety measures at all times. 

If you so wish, you can dispense with the daily cleaning so that you are the only person entering your room. Bed linen and towels are washed in our laundry according to a certified procedure. Disinfectant gel is available in all rooms for your personal use.