Catinaccio round tour
Catinaccio round tour

You reach by car the Frommer farm (1,690 m) in the Tires valley. With the chairlift, you go up to the Fronza alle Coronelle hut (2,337 m), from where you can admire the impressive Catinaccio group. A legend says, that Laurin, the dwarves’ king, protected this mountain with a silk thread. After a short, steep climb, you reach the way bringing to the Coronelle pass (2,680 m). Afterwards, a short descent guides you to the Vajolet hut. The next climb lets you reach the Cigolade pass (2,540 m), from where you can enjoy an enchanting view on rocky walls full of magic. During the descent from the pass to the Pederiva hut (2,316 m) you can watch the mount Latemar. You go back on the southern side of the Catinaccio, through the wonderful Roda di Vaèl and the Masaré. The last station of the Catinaccio round tour is again the Fronza alle Coronelle hut, from where you go back to the Icaro by chairlift and car.
10.7 km
5 - 6 hours
Difference in height:
815 m