Nature everywhere you look

Learn the names of the flowers, smell the dew, observe the nuances of the rocks from up close...

From the Woods
The Seiser Alm in Summer
How many colours do the Dolomites have? How many and which animals live on the branches and on the clouds of the Alpe di Siusi? Where can we meet them and discreetly observe their coat, hear their chant or love call? What flowers and herbs grow on these endless meadows and what magic do they perform? What is the name of the trees that silently inhabit the woods and what stories do they tell? Nature up here is so bold, so absolute, so totalising that it reigns sovereign. Outside and inside the ICARO: every space is imbued with the strength of the millenary stone, the green of the alpine flora, the breath of the fauna that peacefully inhabits the mountains all around.