A Total of Work of Art

Art embeds itself in walls, pulls out of walls, weasels its way into rooms, layers themes, harvests questions.

Boutique Hotel Icaro
Stimulating, entertaining, amusing and addictive: art is one with the house and its identity. It surprises in unexpected ways and it inspires masterfully. At the entrance, the ICARO Art Wall welcomes visitors with "Tear Dryer Paris" by Michael Sailstorfer. Contemporary interventions by Hubert Kostner and other South Tyrolean artists run through the entire building. Design Hotel or Art Hotel? Or both?
The audacity of flight. The solid forms of the original refuge. The mastery of nature and mountain culture. A tribute to that which taught us how to act and how to be. The architecture of the new ICARO as designed by Modus Architects is rigorous and majestic, imposing yet discreet, attentive to the past and immersed in the present. Outside: the pure, porous profiles of the wood reflect the lines of the trees and flow into one other, drawing new shapes in the landscape. Inside: the panoramic swimming pool, the restaurant, the telescopic rooms, the lounges of the new ICARO are elements of an unexpected mountain cabinet of wonders. Enter, enthuse, and lose yourself. Enjoy.
Facade of Hotel Icaro