Great Antermoia round tour
Antermoia Lake

With the taxi, you reach Dialer (2,145 m). From there, the hiking tour brings you inside the Duron valley (1,980 m) and through the Duron pass, until the Antermoia hut (2,490 m). Afterwards, you go on through the Antermoia pass (2,770 m), in the direction of Principe hut (2,601 m) and then through the Principe pass you reach the Molignon pass (2,600 m). After this, you arrive to the Alpe di Tires hut (2,438 m). From there, through the Denti di Terra Rossa you go to Panorama, then you pass by Ritsch and go back to the Icaro. What is interesting about this hiking tour: you walk in the heart of the Catinaccio mountain, going up and down through passes, valleys and huts. The Dolomites are within your grasp.
21.6 km
7,5 - 8,5 hours
Difference in height:
1476 m