1.  Because you can see South Tyrol’s most beautiful mountains all at once simply by turning around. A 360-degree mountain panorama!

2.  Because here, all you can hear is birdsong or the wind rustling through the grass. The Seiser Alm is a car-free zone in the heart of South Tyrol!

3.  Because the ski pistes run past the front door and the finest walks start from here. Put your skis or boots on – and off you go!

4.  Because the new suites and rooms are ideal not just for sleeping but also for living, places where artistic ideas meet the Alpine lifestyle. Live your holiday!

5.  Because wellness here still means something: unaffected, not hyped, but simply natural, cosy and pure … Mountain wellness!

6.  Because four generations of the Sattler family live, love and run this establishment – a tradition of hospitality!

7.  Because the Hotel Icaro is both the perfect place to start from and the ideal place to arrive – Going to the mountains is going home!