Hubert Kostner - Sasmujel

Hubert Kostner
Foto: Helmut Rier
Dining room

At an elevation of 2,400 metres, only accessible on foot, the temporary sculpture “Sasmujel” 2019 was a tribute to the first ascent of the Langkofel mountain 150 years earlier. Hubert Kostner wrapped a total of 10,500 metres of climbing rope – some new, some used – around the mighty boulder (approx. 4x5x6m). The artist restrains the mountain just as it captivates people. Ropes, as the most important tool of alpinists and as a social component of a climbing team, soften the hard, rough surface of the rock. With this second skin, the angular solitaire turns into a “soft rock” – “Sasmujel” in Ladin.