Hubert Kostner - C'era

Hubert Kostner
Swimming pool

Wax, a natural, soft, almost living material, combines with concrete, urbanity and hardness; with “C'era”, Hubert Kostner references the fall of Icarus. In the indoor pool area, along the entrance ramp leading to the loungers, he had pieces of beeswax from the Schlern Nature Park embedded in the wall and filled with concrete. The wax, which was later heated, is frozen in time as it trickles and moves into the structure. It is irrevocably united with the building – the art is no mere decoration, hung on the wall and removable at any time, but an integrated, site-specific component of architecture.
C'era by Hubert Kostner
Polychromos-Intarsie Christophorus by Hubert Kostner