Art is everywhere here

... surprises in the most amazing places – in unwitting moments, unthought, unsuspecting, inspiring.

Blue Design Elements
Art is everywhere at the ICARO. Even where you would not expect it, a work of art by the family artist Hubert Kostner, by Roland Senoner or Philipp Messner makes its way through the walls of the house... and right at the entrance, our Art Wall welcomes every guest with a series of blown glass bottles shaped like tears on an lit rack. "Tear Dryer", a sculpture by Michael Sailstorfer is a tribute to Marcel Duchamp’s "Bottle Dryer" (1914). Art at the ICARO permeates each and every space as well as every moment of the day. A discovery path that calls for instinct and curiosity to discover the unexpected and be in awe.
C'era by Hubert Kostner
Polychromos-Intarsie Christophorus by Hubert Kostner
Posta Prioritaria by Herbert Kostner
Spuren im Schnee
CLOUDS by Philipp Messner
Suite Feathers with Balcony